What to do while you’re staying in Costa Nera’s residence.

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Santa Giulia’s beach is the best place to practice nautic sports. You will enjoy your holidays in Corsica with scuba diving, water skiing, jet ski, flyboard, canoe…
From Santa Giulia, you can rent a boat with or without skipper.
If you plan to come in Corsica with your own boat, or if you rent one during your whole stay, you will be happy to know that anchorage solutions are proposed in the bay of Santa Giulia.

Hôtel Costa Nera Santa Giulia

The beach of Santa Giulia

Santa Giulia’s beach, just near the residence Costa Nera, is one of the famous beaches in Corsica and it is the best place to practice nautic sports.
A bathing lagoon at the foot of a mountain for miles of white sand.

The beach of Palombaggia

It is a magnificent beach, with white dunes shaded by pine trees . Palombaggia offers a panorama of the Cerbicale islands.
These five islands are appreciated by birds and often bitten by the wind, are classified nature reserve.

The beach of Rondinara

Half way between Porto-Vecchio and Bonifacio, the Bay of Rondinara has a form of a shell.  The Rondinara beach offers white sand,  a pure and crystal clear waters.

The beach of Cala Rossa

North of Porto-Vecchio, the bay of Cala Rosa presents a blend of green and blue with Bavella needles in the background.

The beach of Saint-Cyprien

This little bay contains a beautiful beach surrounded by the pond of Arasu.  This site is dominated by a Genoese tower .
White sand, turquoise water and red rock : a nice colour palette !

The beach of Pinarello

At Sainte Lucie de Porto-Vecchio, the gulf of Pinarellu is composed of long white sandy beaches surrounded by pine trees.
Its small port offers relaxation with glaciers, restaurants and bars.

The beach of Fautea

The beach of Fautea is a magnificent creek with white sand, dominated by its Genoese tower.


At 20 minutes from Porto-Vecchio and its beaches, the Ospedale is the first mountain village 900 meters above sea level. You will enjoy an exceptional panoramic view on the gulf of Porto-Vecchio.
A little higher, in the heart of a forest of pines and beechs, the lake of the Ospedale draws an enchanting setting.
Bavella with granite needles erect to heaven, offers the most beautiful landscape for your holidays in southern Corsica. This rock massif that can reach up to 1 900 meters above sea level is also a famous place for rock climbing and hiking in Corsica.
You will be delighted to discover during your holidays in Corsica the villages of Lévie, Sainte-Lucie de Tallano, Zonza, Carbini, Quenza, Serra Di Scopamena, with their authentic stone houses.
Many pedestrian paths allow you take walks of a few hours :
La punta di a Vacca
L’Uomo di Cagna

porto vecchio

Its wonderful beaches of whom Palombaggia and Santa Giulia which are classified by UNESCO amongst the nicest beaches in the world are very famous.
On the marina of Porto- Vecchio, bars, restaurants and glaciers have taken up residence and offer a pleasant and friendly relaxation for your stay in southern Corsica.
The citadel, in the heart of the upper town of Porto-Vecchio, is an historical place where you will enjoy your holidays  in Corsica with bars, restaurants and shops of the city.


The extrem south of Corsica still offers beautifull landscapes.
Bonifacio, « the city of the cliffs“, is perched over 60 meters high and is composed of compressed limestone strata.  Its medieval upper town offers an amazing view  on a turquoise sea. In case of good weather you can see the Sardinian coast.
You can also take the boat from Bonifacio to visit the caves where, as if it were painted in the rock, you will find a hole in the shape of Corsica. Then a stopover on the Lavezzi Islands, an idyllic, protected site, where fishing, fires, etc. are completely prohibited.
You can also catch a glimpse of the Cavallo Islands, which are privately owned. Then by boat discover the Gulf of Porto-Vecchio and Sperone with its many luxurious villas.

At thirty minutes only from Porto Vecchio, near Sartene, you will discover the famous “Lion of Roccapina”. This rock has a form of a lion.