Location de studio à Porto Vecchio

The residence Costa Nera is the perfect place to enjoy holidays in Corsica, situated near Santa Giulia’s beach and several sports, and not far from mountains.

At 20 minutes from Porto-Vecchio and its beaches, the Ospedale is the first mountain village 900 meters above sea level. You will enjoy an exceptional panoramic view on the gulf of Porto-Vecchio.

A little higher, in the heart of a forest of pines and beechs, the lake of the Ospedale draws an enchanting setting.

Bavella with granite needles erect to heaven, offers the most beautiful landscape for your holidays in southern Corsica.

This rock massif that can reach up to 1 900 meters above sea level is also a famous place for rock climbing and hiking in Corsica.

You will be delighted to discover during your holidays in Corsica the villages of Lévie, Sainte-Lucie de Tallano, Zonza, Carbini, Quenza, Serra Di Scopamena, with their authentic stone houses.

Many pedestrian paths allow you take walks of a few hours

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